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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tasty Bites - Review

One of the largest issues with being gluten free is the lack of easy meals.  I am not talking a frozen burrito or a pizza; I am talking easy meals that are quick, healthy, and perfect for the week day.  Tasty Bites has come up with a solution to this.  

According to the web page tasty bite "Our products require no cooking, have no preservatives, require no refrigeration and as our brand suggests, taste phenomenal!  You can take our products for lunch at work, use them as a side or main dish for dinner, or take them on the road while camping. ” I agree this product was really easy to use just throw into a microwave and you have part of your meal done.  Tasty Bite uses Indian and Asian influences to bring you convenient, easy to cook meals.

Tasty Bite offers an allergy friendly section, including one for those who cannot stand gluten.  Out of this section, I was able to try Bombay Potatoes, Channa Masala, Vegetable Korma, Madras Lentils, Thai Lime Rice and Ginger Lentil Rice.  

I loved the Bombay Potatoes it had a great flavor with more than a little kick.  The vegetable Korma I used like a Stew, I added small (cooked) pieces of chicken to it.  I advise that this particular one be eaten hot and well stirred.  When it cools down it seems to lose some of the amazing curry flavors.  The Thai Lime Rice was a great base for my gluten free stir fry and the Madras Lentils went well over baked chicken with the side of Ginger lentil rice.  

Vegetable Korma
Each one of the items I was sent, was not only gluten free but also Kosher, and vegetarian.  In fact every item they make is vegetarian and/or Vegan.  While personally I added meat to many of the items, you don't have too.  I can see a lot of these working well with Tofu or by themselves.  

Each of the items had a strong and unique flavor, some like the Bombay potatoes were spicy and others like the Thai Lime Rice were mild but well flavored.  

This is a great company to look into, especially if you don't want to cook every small item of your weekday meals personally.  Or if you are like me and love the convenience of a ready to microwave food.  

A few of the items I would like to try in the future, as well as a few more options from the gluten free line are Bunjab Eggplant, the Kashmir Spinach, and the Aloo Palak.  So many flavors in a small microwave package. 

So I have raved about how great this product is, here are a few of the downsides

A small word of caution, while there is no gluten added to anything I received.  It did say that these items were made in a location that processed wheat. 

Items like the Vegetable Korma are only good when they are hot.  They have a tendency to separate which can change the Curry flavor if you don’t mix it well. 

There are only two servings per pouch, which means if you are feeding a family of four then you will need at least two pouches. Each 10oz pouch is about $3.29 so $6.58 for a family of four, and this is not a whole meal.  However, you pay for being able to take them with you everywhere and throw them into the microwave.  

End Result:

I love the ease and convince of these items.  I think that being able to have something ready in as little as 60 seconds is well worth the price.  Not only that but the flavors really are fantastic, you will have to try it yourself to believe me.  

For more information please visit the web site http://www.tastybite.com/ The Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AllNaturalTastyBite?ref=ts or Twitter https://twitter.com/tastybite

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