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A Brief Overview of Kit Kat Plus Celiac:
Kit Kat plus Celiac was started with the intention of sharing and connecting with others.  The blog is on living a gluten free lifestyle as associated with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance or being Gluten Sensitive.  It also includes content for people who are struggling with infertility as well as health info, recipes, Gluten free food products, beauty and my everyday living.  

I am a 30 something military spouse and student who currently lives where the military has moved us.  I enjoy reading, spending time with my gluten eating family members, traveling, cooking, exploring new products, and spending time doing Karaoke as well as at theme parks.  

I Love to do reviews on products.  I think that it helps others who are looking to try a new product and yet don't want to spend the money without any knowledge of the product.   If you are interested in having me review your product I would love to talk with you.  

Please contact me at kitkatplusceliac@mail.com

Review Policy: 
The best way for me to review a product is to physically have it.  I require a product to be sent to me so that I can use and review it.  If you wish for extra exposure by letting me do a giveaway let me know how many products you are willing to give away.  Your company will be given credit in my review as well as for sponsoring the giveaway.  I need to handle the details.  I will set up the giveaway, pick the winner, contact the winner and forward the shipping info to you so that the item can be shipped.  
Any item that I review will not be returned.  I will accept only full sized products so that I can fully test and review the product properly.  I will give the product my honest and unbiased opinion.  This is not to say that I will not accept some samples.  It will depend on the product type.  Since the term sample can be different depending on the product please talk to me before sending a "sample" size.  
If you have any information that you would like to have included in a review please send it to me.  I would like my review to be as accurate as possible.   Any an all information about the product or about your company can help me to give the most accurate review possible. 

Please forward me any information you would like included in the review. I would like to spotlight your product and company as accurately as possible, so any information you have about your company or product really helps me do so.
I do not charge a fee to do a review, however please send at least $10.00 worth of product be it one product worth $10.00 or more or a mixture of products.  If you would like me to review a book, magazine or other types of media we can work something out.  Please contact me if this is the case.  
If you are not sending me a product to review and only sending me a product to give away there will be a fee of $15.00 to cover shipping and handling costs. If you wish to ship the item yourself, I currently do not have a fee.  Please contact me so we can get a giveaway set up.  A giveaway can run from four days to 14 days depending on the product.  This can be changed to accommodate your companies needs.  
On all reviews I will be giving my honest opinion without bias to the fact that the product was sent to me as according to the FTC standards.  
Most reviews will be posted within a month of personally receiving the product.  In most cases they will be posted sooner depending on the product.  If you require a specific time frame to be used for the review please discuss this beforehand so that your request can be accommodated.  

Book Review Policy:
Since I love to read I will enjoy reviewing books and magazines.  My book preference is fiction and I would like to review the following types of books:
-Fiction -Sci-Fi
-Fiction - Romance (Supernatural, Historical, comedy or futuristic)
-Fiction -Fantasy
-Celiac related materials
-Fashion and beauty
-Celiac Friendly cook books

I live with others namely my husband, my mother in law, and our high school aged ward who enjoy a wide variety of books that are not on this list.  If you have one that you would like reviewed please send me the details and I will see if it can be done. 

Paid Posts:
I am willing to do paid posts. Please e-mail me if you are interested in having me do a paid post.  The post will clearly state that it was paid for as to be fair to my readers.  Please be clear about the details so there will be no errors.  I need to know as much about what you are asking me to do as possible.  I will be willing to include a link to my post or to any post for a set period of time.  

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