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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello everyone, I will be moving starting Today  Yes, I know I am taking a break, AGAIN, however, this should only last until Wednesday (when I have internet again).  This means I should have a post done and up by Thursday.  

I am still looking for peoples favorite restaurants (for my restaurant review series) I have already added Applebee's to my list of restaurants to visit; I would love to hear some more ideas.

I still need personal experiences with pregnancy loss, I am planning on posting them, this is so that women going through this, will know that they are not alone (I will be starting a tab just for these stories).  I have three others plus my own stories that I will be posting soon.  I would like to gather as many as possible.  

 Also I would love to hear your favorite gluten free way to enjoy the fourth of July.  

I will be able to send, receive and reply to e-mails on my phone so please feel free to e-mail me at kitkatplusceliac@mail.com I would love to hear from each one of you.  

I will leave you with one major question: What do you want more of from this blog?  What are you looking for?  Any and all answers are acceptable.  Please feel free to contact me via comment, facebook, twitter, Google plus or e-mail with your reply.  I can't wait to read your responses to any of the questions and/or requests.  

See you in five or so days! 

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