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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Long Term effects of Untreated Celiac

Many people who have any form of gluten intolerance don't treat themselves.  Currently the only treatment for this is going on and sticking to a gluten free diet.  Some of the long term effects as pulled from celiaccenter.org are

"Untreated celiac disease can be life threatening. Celiac are more likely to be afflicted with problems relating to malabsorption, including osteoporosis, tooth enamel defects, central and peripheral nervous system disease, pancreatic disease, internal hemorrhaging, organ disorders (gall bladder, liver, and spleen), and gynecological disorders. Untreated celiac disease has also been linked an increased risk of certain types of cancer, especially intestinal lymphoma."

What this means to you.  Bad nutrition, malnutrition, bone lose, bad teeth, internal bleeding, issues with your organs, fertility issues, eye and nerve issues, an increased risk of cancer and death.

When this is broken down it makes a gluten free diet much more appealing.   At no time in your life will you be able to go back onto gluten.  The gluten free lifestyle is for life.  While this may seem harsh it is only a small thing.

By not allowing your body to absorb what it needs by constantly introducing yourself to a substance you cannot break down you are not only damaging your intestinal lining but also the rest of your body.  It is so important for those people with this issue to not only get tested but also to keep themselves as gluten free as possible. 

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