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Monday, April 29, 2013

Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

 This is a post I did for a blog swap.  However, I love this recipe and thought I would share.  It is finally the season for great Tomatoes, they have flavor after months of being bland.  That brings one thought to mind spring.  So in the spirit of spring here is a light Tomato based recipe.


4 large round firm tomatoes

3 cans of tuna, ham, salmon, or chicken (I used Tuna)
1/2 cup mayo
2 stalks of celery diced
1 small diced onion
1 tablespoon relish flavor of choice
1 teaspoon garlic powder


Choose large, round, firm, and even-sized tomatoes.
Cut off the top of the Tomato
Create a cross in the center of the tomato that goes almost to the bottom and does not cut the sides. 

Using a grapefruit spoon or a serving spoon, hollow out as much of the juicy pulp and seeds as possible, If you have a use for the Tomato guts then keep them otherwise feel free to compost them or throw them away. 

Lightly salt the insides of the tomato shells turn them upside down and place them on several layers of paper towels.  Set them aside, to drain, about 20 minutes. 

While the Tomatoes are draining mix the Cans of meat, the mayo, the relish, the celery, onion, and garlic powder. Feel free to play with the recipe there are so many yummy ways to make this.  

Salt and pepper the salad to taste

Using a spoon place the salad into the tomato and press firmly down to make sure that it is evenly stuffed.  Be careful not to break the skin.


Garnishment ideas:  
Place some lettuce leaves into the tomato before stuffing them.  
Top the tomato with paprika or cheese for flavor and/or color. 
Use small tomatoes for appetizers
Place the top of the Tomato on top of the salad 

The best thing about this recipe is how many ways you can play with it, add shaved carrots, or replace the garlic powder with roasted garlic. This is also a great tasting way to add veggies into your diet. 

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