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Friday, May 3, 2013

Got2b Powder'ful- Review

 I have flat fine hair my biggest issue is keeping my hair clean looking with some bounce in it.  When Bzz Agent offered me the chance to review Got2b powder'ful I was excited.  I had Karaoke night and used this product to give my hair a little more volume.  While I did get more volume that stayed almost all night long it was not the picture on the box results.

Start of the night
 Here is what the product says about its self "The innovative volumizing styling powder instantly takes hair to new heights, delivering pronounced volume, radical root lift, amazing texture and flexible control." 

It worked fast; it held really well, not only that it also worked a little like a dry shampoo.  I have to appreciate the bonuses when I find them.  However, no matter what I did I didn't get the amazing volume I was looking for.  I guess it would work better on slightly thicker hair.

I do have to applauded this product for its ease of use just a little powder on my hands or directly to the hair and then style it up to add volume. It works like advertised in the ease of use.  However, I didn't quite get all the volume that I wanted.

End of the night
To be fair this is most likely my hair type.  Really fine and slightly oily hair doesn't leave a lot to work with in terms of volume.  When used on a friends head it worked really well and she got the look she wanted in only seconds, still not the amount of volume pictured on the box. As with everything I blog about, I couldn't find any gluten used in the product.  I cannot promise that it doesn't contain any. 

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