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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Being Gluten Free in a Gluten Obsessed Society

Having to eat gluten free can be hard enough on its own.  This issue can only get tougher when you live in a gluten obsessed society.  Even going to the grocery store can remind you of what you can't eat.  I was at my local grocery store yesterday and every isle end cap had gluten filled items.

One of the downsides of being gluten free is that you can still have cravings for gluten, even if you have found a great substitute.  If you don't crave the gluten then you crave the ease of gluten filled food.  I want to grab something to eat I can have raw food or I can make it.  There are not a lot of great tasting options that I can throw into a microwave and eat on the go.  There are still no Hot pockets for Celiac.  I also can't just order most food in and sit around waiting for it.  Those days are gone.  Although every time I walk into a grocery store I am reminded once again that they still exist for a majority of the population.

Everywhere you turn there is gluten filled food.  What really hurts is when a favorite restaurant or producer comes out with a new product that you really want to try and can't.

The best advice I can give for this is not only willpower because that will fade eventually.  The thing I suggest is to quickly remind yourself why you are doing what you are.  For me I am reminded every time there is a cross contamination issue.  I get sick and remember why I don't eat gluten no matter how yummy it looks.  I also try to avoid going through the bakery and if I don't need something in a grocery aisles I don't go into it. 

I try to shop at stores where I know the layout this means a quick in and out trip.  The faster you shop, the less the temptation.  The last thing I can offer is to only grocery shop full.  The reason I say this, is that a person will notice food more if they are hungry when grocery shopping.  If you are full then you are only going to get a list.

As for convenience I can't fix that yet.  What I can suggest is that you bake or cook gluten free item you love and that store well in a freezer when you have time.  Then when you want a little something with very little prep work, you simply heat it up again.

What types of ways do you keep yourself from temptation?

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