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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

About Me

Sorry, I am having more than a little trouble with my PCOS and IGA-D in the last couple of days.  On top of that I am doing a lot of research about gluten free sunscreens and makeup brands.  I will have those posts up in a few days.  So instead of a post like that, let me tell you more about myself.  I did so in my in introduction post and then haven't said much since.

My name is Kat; I am often called KitKat by friends, no, not after the candy bar.  Mine is short for Kitty Kat, and yes my friends are lazy.

I am in my early 30’s; I suffer from PCOS, Celiac, IGA deficiency, and infertility.  Most of those tie in with each other.  I spend most of my days doing homework, playing on facebook, spending time with my husband, working on my blog, reading or watching Anime.  I am also a huge nerd, I like going to comic and anime conventions, my book choice changes on mood and I love watching DR. Who, Lost Girl, Grimm, and many other shows with my family. 

My Family, now that is an interesting mix, I currently live with my husband of almost 10 years.  We have been together 15 years, I also live with my Mother in Law an ex nurse, our ward and two nutso cats. 

My Husband is a Military member of 7 years (we stated late.) We originally met and started dating in high school.  Yes he is my high school sweetheart.  We have lived in many places in the US and even own a house in Florida.  (It is for sale if you are looking to buy in Jacksonville, FL).  We currently live in Virginia. 

I am working on another collage degree, my first was in Music performance (I am a trained opera singer), now I am working on criminal justice/forensics.  I want to work in a lab or only slightly in the field as a blood pattern analyst.  Yes as you can imagine our dinner table conversations are more than fun.  My husband blows things up for a living, my Mother in Law was a nurse, and I study dead people and our ward like horror movies.  You have not lived unless you have thrown popcorn at the TV because the movie had it wrong.
 Me: "No that is Medium velocity impact spatter, he was just shot, are you stupid?"
My husband: "Babe look, they are using the wrong clip type for that gun anyway, it should have jammed."
MIL (Mother in Law) "How much blood do they think comes out of a gunshot wound on the quads anyway?"
 Ward: "Shut up, I am trying to watch this guy die."
Needless to say it is neither really quiet nor normal around our house.  We are home bodies except for one day a week.

Due to our military lifestyle we have friends all over the world that we talk to on a regular basis.  However, home for my husband and I is still in Montana.  Yep, I love the cold and the snow and having almost four seasons.  My husband was an Olympic class skier and I could almost make it down the bunny hill.  Oh, good times.  I rarely get to go home; however, I try to do so once every other year.  Luck will have it that this is that year, in a few short months I will be updating from Montana and getting new recipes from my parents.  My mother also has Celiac.

Anyway I thought since I have come this far with only seven people reading my introduction, I would give you another one.  Also this post was able to be done with almost no research. 

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