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Saturday, April 13, 2013

IgA Deficiency ranges

After being gluten free for over a year and a half I got some great news.  My IGA numbers are up from the 40s or 50s; my last test had my Serum numbers at 70! OK I am still below the 81 needed, but that is an improvement... As I said in a prior post the ranges can vary by test but here are the ranges by age

Here are the normal ranges by age!

15y and up 81-463
14-15 y 57-300
12-13 y 70-432
10-11 y 64-246
7-9 y 41-368
4-6 y 33-235
1-3 y 24-121

Whatever test you have should have the basic ranges on it for instance some go from 90-500 this is only the most common ranges.

What I was able to do to bring my numbers up was to stop eating gluten. While my numbers are still not within the normal range it has at least given the doctors a start on how to deal with it.  I am very sure that living a gluten free lifestyle has helped my numbers greatly.  This does not stop them from plummeting and giving my spleen fits the correct term for this is Splenomegaly.  Mine stays just below mandatory operation so it bugs me when it gets inflamed.  That is one of the major issues of IGA- deficiency.

If you have an enlarged spleen and you don't know why you should look at getting your IGA numbers checked.  Being IGA deficient is not abnormal in fact it happens in about 10% of those of northern European descent as well as a smaller percentage in all other descendent types.

How I was able to raise my IGA numbers without medical help
Cut all gluten from my diet as well as from my beauty routine and everyday products
Added more water into my diet
Increased my physical activity
I dropped more than 3 percent of my body fat.

Each of these occurred and it led me to having higher numbers and less down time.  However, when I get into gluten my numbers drop and then I pay for it for weeks.  Not only the celiac reaction but my IgA numbers drop and then I get sick.  This means you need to really be vigilant about what you eat.

I finally have the go ahead on a specialist and so I will be able to keep everyone updated more on treatment types.  

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