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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Mall and Makeup snafus

I was in the Mall recently trying to get my before thanksgiving shopping done.  I was dressed nicely since Saturdays are my day with my husband.  I had spent about 15 minutes getting my makeup ready and being the best me that I can.

We are halfway done with the mall when I get shanghaied by the kiosk lady and she is removing the makeup from half of my face.  Ummm, huh???  I have now been accosted in the center in of a mall and half of my painstakingly applied makeup is removed.  Not even much of an introduction, just grab my arm and telling me that she had something to show me and then she is applying makeup remover.

I am now sitting wondering what I am going to do to fix this mistake.  I am told not to worry that she knows what she is doing and that I spend way too much time on my makeup.  That I need to only spend one minute on my foundation and that they had mixed the mineral foundation with a mineral booster to save me time.  So she applies this foundation to my face and fixed what she had messed up.  At least I thought so, so I look in the mirror and she forgot to notice one very specific thing.  I have pink undertones and she used a slightly orangey undertone foundation so now half of my face is the wrong color. I am half normally colored and half slightly orange.  Now I am very unhappy and odd looking, in the center of the Mall.  My husband is spending his time laughing at me.  However, during this process I was able to find out that the makeup is Gluten free. 

So Ms. pushy is looking at me with a frown on her face.  "Oh maybe you use the wrong shades of makeup?" No I don't use the wrong shades, you did... So not only did she touch me without really asking, she messes up my makeup she uses the wrong colors, then she blames me for choosing the wrong colors when I am using skin matching mineral makeup.  Yep, it is my fault, in every way.  I polity ask for more makeup remover and end up with fantastic eyes and no foundation at all for the rest of my mall trip.  When I finish removing the makeup on my face, the pushy lady is looking at my eye makeup and telling me that they have some fantastic deals on eye shadow.  I almost ran away from her, my husband just makes chicken sounds and we moved on.

There is a point to this story is be extra careful this holiday season these people are nuts.  They need to make a quota and they will do just about anything to get it.  I am not saying that everyone will be this pushy but still be careful with a gluten allergy we have to be extra careful to not eat anything, drink anything, or have anything applied to us that we do not know the ingredients too.  I was safe since the makeup was Gluten Free, however, I did not know that before I was being manhandled. I lucked out this time; however, I may not be lucky the next time I get snagged.  I am going to walk well away from the center of the mall walkways for a while. 

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