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Monday, November 4, 2013

How Clomid Worked for Me

Many women with PCOS go to Clomid in order to get pregnant.  However, in cases like mine, not only did the drug not work.  I think it made the issues I had been having worse.  I gained weight while I was on this drug and had such large hormonal swings that I thought I was going to lose those close to me.  This was personally one of the worst drugs that I have ever tried. 

My issue is not that I have PCOS, which is an issue that many women have.  I however, have severe PCOS and Clomid was simply not made for that level.  While I have seen others with Severe PCOS manage to get pregnant on this drug.  I was told that it was not very likely for me.  They were right.  During the entire time I was on Clomid, I didn’t even ovulate.  I went from the starting dose the the maximum dose within four months with no result.  However, what I did get was every single side effect.

I remember gaining weight, having headaches, my breasts were swollen and very tender, I was dizzy, and with the dizzy came nausea.  I was told that all of this will pass as I got used to the medication.  Since I showed no sign of the severe side effects that I would be fine.  It was four months of this.  Finally the doctor and I had to call it quits.  The reason for this was that even with everything I had been going through.  I was not ovulating.  I still had to take pills to make my period start. 

I remember at one point on the medication I really wanted to hit my husband.  Who hadn’t done anything!  He had walked in after a long day of work and I started in on him for no reason.  All he asked was that I give him about twenty minutes to unwind from work so that he could handle everything.  I went ballistic and really wanted to hurt him.  At that point I went outside and took a walk.  What he had asked was more than reasonable.  This point was the beginning of month four.  At this point I talked to my doctor and decided that if I didn’t ovulate after this I was going to try something else. I couldn’t handle this anymore. 

This was brought up yesterday on Facebook.  A friend of mine was asking some questions about Clomid on PCOS Woman.  I really had to think about it.  I decided to share my experience.  Even though I had a very negative experience with the drug.  This is for all of those women who didn’t get that miracle that they were hoping for from this drug.  

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