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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pregnancy Loss

There are so many reasons for pregnancy loss; from medical issues of the mother such as Celiac, PCOS IgA-D, and Lupus, to issues with problems with progesterone production, or just a non-viable fetus.  However, each one of these reasons may not lessen the pain that comes along with losing a child.  

I have read and talked to so many women who have experienced pregnancy loss at many stages and hearing the stories never gets any easier.  In fact almost all women knowingly or not have experienced a pregnancy loss at some point.  

Pregnancy loss is when a fetus fails to come to term. This may occur for any number of reasons and it may never be known why the pregnancy was lost. In most cases the fetus was non-viable, meaning that there was a glitch in the developmental stage and the non-viable pregnancy is terminated.  

While this all sounds clinical when put into writing, it is not clinical to the family who is grieving for the lost possibilities. For that is what they are mourning, the loss of what might have been. This can be especially hard on those who are trying desperately to have a family as they have put their hopes on that pregnancy.  

What amazes me is that so few women will talk about it. This subject is still taboo to talk about openly and there are few support groups for this sort of loss.  Most of those that are available meet online, where the participants can still stay somewhat anonymous.  

Pregnancy loss is nothing new; in fact numbers are greatly reduced.  My own grandmother lost many pregnancies and even had a few infants die shortly after being born. However, the only indication that she gave was that she would not congratulate anyone on a pregnancy until it had come to term and the baby was healthy.  It wasn't that she was calloused, it was just that in her and many of that generations experience, things were very iffy until after birth.  

What I would like to do is reach out to others who have had some form of pregnancy loss.  I would like to ask you to share your stories.  I would like to collect these stories and make them public for others who may be going through the same issues.  If you would like to remain anonymous then that is more than fine, please let me know.  

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