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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Giving yourself a chance to be Happy.

I was recently invited to try the Beta of Happify, and it seemed to go right along with making yourself better.  What Happify does is it uses science to help you get over some of your major issues.  For example, I have trouble dealing with stress.  Each day I go in and do projects that will help me cope with the stress in my life without letting it affect me as much.  This is great since everything always hits me at once.  I sometimes feel like I am moving my life from one crisis at a time to the next.  No sooner do I have one thing cleared up, when another two drop on me.

Stress is a large killer; it raises the blood pressure, lowers the immune system and generally messes with the body.  By lowering my stress, I hope to better be able to handle my health as well as my happiness. 

Today, I worked with being thankful for what I have and those around me.  My stress often makes me want to lash out at those I care for the most, and this had me looking at things from a different perspective. While this is not an instant cure, it is a step in the right direction.  Not only am I taking these steps to better myself, but I also hope that this helps me better the lives of those around me.  

I'm hopeful that it will improve the lives of those around me since I will not be so stressed out all the time.  I understand that not everything can go exactly as I planned at all times, and I need to be able to better handle the outcome of things when they do not work out like I planned.  

In the end, I hope that this will be a chicken soup for the mind.  While it doesn't fix everything by it's self, it can only help me improve myself.  

I am currently on day 2 of the five day education.  Today, I need to learn to savor something and let that make me happy.  So my question for you is, what is your biggest issue? 

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