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Friday, June 28, 2013

Bart's Cookies -Review and Giveaway-

A good gluten free cookie is not easy to find.  As many of you know I have been on a search for a perfect chocolate chip cookie that I didn't have to bake myself.  I have finally found one. Bart's Cookies makes a cookie that is a great mixture between soft and hard.  It has a good flavor and the chocolate is just amazing.  It doesn't matter if you are a fan of dark, milk, or white chocolate this company has you covered.  There are even peanut butter and milk chocolate cookies.  Each variety is slightly hard on the outside with a soft cookie texture on the inside.  He offers:

 Milk chocolate chip,
 Dark chocolate chip,
 Milk and dark (combo) chocolate chip,
 Peanut butter milk chocolate chip, 
White chocolate chip macadamia nut   

I received all varieties of the Gluten free cookies to try and I have to say that my absolute favorite was the dark chocolate.  There was almost no bitter aftertaste to the chocolate and it was the perfect mixture of chocolate and cookie.  This was closely followed by the milk and dark Combo Cookies.  You could tell that Bart uses real butter in his cookies; there is no other way to get that perfect flavor.  

There is a homemade feel and taste to these cookies that I have found unmatched by almost anyone, unless you are personally baking.  Also, I cannot say enough about the chocolate; it melts in your mouth and doesn't leave a filmy feeling or an aftertaste.  These cookies are perfect with milk, coffee, tea, water, or by themselves. 

Since I received the gluten free versions I was all set for the cookies to have a grainy texture like many gluten free items.  I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't have that issue.  Also I didn't detect any “gluten free” aftertaste.  Although, to be fair, I may have lost part of that ability as time goes on.  So to be sure, I shared a few of my precious cookies with my non celiac family members.  Other than they kept annoying me to share more cookies, they didn't seem to notice any aftertaste either.  That makes these cookies as close to perfect as they come. 

For my personal tastes I didn't like the white chocolate as much as I did the milk or the dark.  I find white chocolate too sweet.  However, even those cookies were really good.  There was a good mixture of white chocolate and macadamia nut to cookie. The only small criticism I had is that there could have been more peanut butter flavor in the peanut butter milk chocolate chip cookie.  However, Bart has personally assured me that this is an easy fix for the gluten free versions, and that the gluten versions have a ton of peanut butter flavor.  Since this man knows his baking, I am more than inclined to believe him.  

Please note that Bart's Cookies sells both gluten free and regular chocolate chip cookies.  If you are ordering them, make sure that you get the right type.  

I have only two complaints about the cookies.  

1.  The cookies are addictive
2.  My cookies vanished in less than a week.  I swear I have no idea how I could have eaten them all.   

For more information or to order please check out http://bartscookies.com/ Also, visit Bart on his Facebook, and/or his Twitter.  

Now, you have a chance to win one dozen of Bart's cookies in one flavor of your choice. 
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  1. Bart ate cookies for dinner (what's not right about that?)

  2. I learned that Bart made his very first batch of cookies for dinner at college in the year 1988!

  3. Bart gave out his cookies for business cards as a very creative marketing tactic!

  4. He's been making cookies since 1988. Also- gluten free, which is great for me!

  5. They sure do have some awesome reviews!

  6. They are glutenfree, preservative-free and free of any artificial ingredients being homemade (or college made) by Bart since 1988!

  7. Bart's Cookies sells both gluten free and regular chocolate chip cookies.