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Monday, April 15, 2013

You are not Crazy! Trust Yourself About Your Body.

When dealing with medical issues I have often noted many a doctor telling me that "You can't know that" or "That location has no nerve endings, you cannot feel anything in that location." In the end many of these people have made me feel that I am crazy and that I didn't really know or understand what is going on with my body.  This continues to make me angry to this day.

Those with PCOS will tell you that cysts can hurt, that they can interfere with your daily life and make you want to curl up into a ball.  At least I can, I know not only when I have cysts but when they burst and their exact location.  I know for a fact where my ovaries are in my body and it is not from looking at a diagram.  I can't count how many times I have been told that the ovaries have no nerve endings and therefore I cannot be feeling this issue at all.  Even when I was going through my Ectopic pregnancy I pointed out to the doctor where the pain was.  Thankfully I had a doctor who listened and instead of searching was able to locate the issue immediately.  The key for me was finding a doctor who listened.  Who, when I said something hurt, would check to see what was wrong.  I also had a doctor who had to take the word Hypochondriac out of my medical file when she listened and checked everything I was saying and found I was right!  I never came to her with a complaint that wasn't real.  However, most other doctors didn't listen to me so I ended up labeled.

Spleen pain, I know when my spleen is enlarged and can show anyone who asks right where it is located.  While the spleen has little to no nerve endings in it, the area around the spleen does have nerve endings.

That is the key, even if that particular part has no nerve endings other body parts around it do.  You are most likely not crazy if you are feeling pain in an area.  Even if the doctors tell you that it is not possible.  Pain can and will radiate to different and surrounding areas.  Pain should never be ignored even if it is "not possible."

My last example was when I had sphenoid sinusitis, one of the large factors in this was that I should not have felt the type of pain I did.  I went into the ER knowing what I had, I even informed them.  I wouldn't let them ignore me.  Due to that persistence, I was able to be treated.  I am not saying that every head pain means you have a tumor, which would be or lead to being a hypochondriac; however, if you are really having issues, do not let a doctor tell you that you are crazy. 

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  1. Thanks for this post, Kat. As you know, I have had many medical issues and I often get treated like a hypocondriac. It has made me even nervous to even tell a Dr what is going on out of fear it will happen again and it has, at times, made me even question if they are right. I am so glad I am not alone.