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Monday, April 1, 2013

System Mechanic 11.5 -Review and Giveaway-

It is spring, that fantastic time of year when the birds are singing, the flowers blooming, and it is time to deep clean your house and get rid of stuff that you no longer need or use. Ok, that is the not so great part.  However,  On top of your spring cleaning have you thought about cleaning your computer?

I am really good with my computer, I thought I took care of it on a regular basis, I backed it up, I defragged it, I did overall maintenance, I checked for viruses ECT.  Turns out I was not doing enough for myself.

I was very leery of reviewing System Mechanic 11.5 made by iolo Technologies, However, I figured it was like any other review and got started. When it installed, I fully expected everything to be fine.  Not only was it not fine but I ended up having a poor computer performance. I had errors in my registry and my computer was simply not performing fast enough, I also had a lot of programs bogging me down.

 At first I used the quick version of this to see what increase I could find.  I found only a small increase in speed.  Then I started looking at programs that I had, most of which started up with my computer that I didn't need on.  By the time I was done my computer was running a lot faster and smoother than I thought it would.  However, it took me going in and using the full scan to be able to do this.  I even had updates that I didn't know anything about.  Now I have been through many computer classes and I thought I knew how to handle my computer without a program.  However, with the program everything was so much easier.

Since the program does almost everything by its self I didn't need to worry about it.  I set it to full scan and let it finish, then I told it to do what I wanted done and walked away for the night.  When I got back in the morning all I needed to do was reboot the computer and walk away again for less than 30 minutes.  This allowed me to get breakfast and do other chores before my computer was ready.  When I finished I was surprised by how fast and smooth everything ran. Even if you are great with a computer this is one way to save time.  Even small issues that I had been ignoring were fixed. 

So when thinking about spring cleaning you might want to look at cleaning your computer as well.  I ended up really enjoying this product and my computer has only run better for a month after I set it up.  System Mechanic did not fight with any of the other programs I had installed including my anti-virus and back-up programs.  It was an easy install and it works almost by its self.  According to the PR and my own research System Mechanic was "Recently awarded PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice, System Mechanic combines more than 50 robust tools and over 200 tests enabling novices and experts alike to clean out their computers and keep them in peak condition."

I can't say anything for anyone else, but it followed through for me really well. I looked at the cost of other similar programs and found most of them to be more expensive.    And as all things on my blog, this is something that is Gluten Free!

For more information or to take a look please go to System Mechanic 11.5 or Facebook or Twitter

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