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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gluten Free Labeled Food is Not Always Safe

On a recent grocery trip I was reading the back of some "Gluten free" items I noticed that the items were processed with wheat.  On the allergy list wheat was listed, this got me to thinking how can it be labeled gluten free if it is processed with wheat.  I really started looking at this point to see what else had that issue; I found a few brands that were "gluten free" that were processed in or around wheat.  I have mentioned before the difference between no gluten added and gluten free.  One example I found was Blue Diamond products, they are listed and labeled as gluten and wheat free.  However right on the back they state that they are processed with wheat.  While I have never reacted to this product I have mild celiac; those with severe Celiac or wheat allergies may react to this.  While I can see this product being labeled as no gluten added, anytime there is a chance that one even chip may have higher than allowed gluten content it cannot be gluten free.  They do state that each product run is sampled, however, each chip is not. 

The reason this can happen is that the gluten free labeling is not yet regulated.  While there are FDA rules that are MOSTLY followed, it means that not all "Gluten Free" labeled foods are in fact fully gluten free.

What this means for you?  This means that you need to read the labels even on good that is labeled gluten free or GF.  Be careful no matter what you are buying and you should be safe.  Now we need them to label if gluten is used in products since it often time hidden in other words, not just label wheat, barley or rye.  I just hope that soon there will be truth in labeling.
Question of the hour!

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