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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning for Your Beauty Routine!

The clock has changed and so has the season.  This means more than changing the batteries in your smoke detector.  This means that it is time to switch your beauty routine again.

Add in more sunscreen: You are going to need it, even if you are going out for a shot time!

Drop down the fats and oils that you added for winter this means in your face, hair, skin and diet.  Those heavy moisturizers are not needed as much anymore.  In fact they may become too much for your skin.  Cut the fat in your diet, this not only helps you look fantastic for summer, but you don’t need it anymore.

Your hair took winter damage no matter how well you took care of it.  It is time to get at least 1/4 to 2 inches trimmed off so that your hair has time to shine this spring. 

Change your colors, you have been using colors that are sited to winter, now try lightening up your makeup for spring, add in some metallic (such as a metallic eyeliner) or pink/orange/peach (depending on skin tone) out your blush a little bit.  Since this spring is all about color try adding some more into your eye shadow routine.  Have fun with it, which is the most important thing.

Lighten up on the black:  This means eyeliner, unless you are going our for the night try using a more natural looking brown.

If you are one of those that like to dye your hair you might want to start adding a few highlights to brighten your hair color.  However, be careful not to be too heavy with the highlights, those come in the summer time and right now you don’t want to look like a strangely colored beast.  I would suggest small highlights instead of chunks. 

You can now switch from powder product to cream products.  Not only will they last longer in this weather but they can give you more of a natural look. 

Do a gentle exfoliation of your whole body.  This allows the dead or dry skin of winter to be removed and allows fresh healthy skin to be glow.  Make sure that you do not use anything overly harsh.

Fight oil and shine:  As your skin warms with the weather it will start to produce more oils.  This may mean changing your face cleaning products to add oil or shine control to them.

Add more color to your wardrobe and you are ready to go.  This is also the time when I whiten my teeth since tanner skin looks fantastic with a white smile. 

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