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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hanes Playtex Tru Support -Review-


Through my work as a Bzz Agent I was able to try a Playtex Tru Support bra.  I waited a long time for my bra to arrive and when it did I was so very happy.  However, please note that these bras run a little on the large side.  So even though I did order the size that would fit me and that the rest of my bras are this size, this one was too large.  I still have the bra and I love the way it works.  It has an under wire that I hardly feel and the straps are perfect since they don't dig into my shoulders.

I have been wearing a DD since I was 18 years old.  I am one of these people who didn't get the majority of my breasts until that time.  I went from a small B cup to a DD in two weeks.  That was a fun period of time.  "Don't look at them, don't touch them, and don’t even think about them."  That was my motto.  I even at one time had a friend think I had a great padded bra and grabbed me.  That hurt so badly.  Then when I stopped I had mixed feelings, I didn't hurt anymore, but, I had to give up pretty bras.  That is a major down side to having larger breasts.  Most women want them and yet they don't seem to make many bras to support them, or at least good looking bras.  That was one of the reasons why I was so excited to know that Hanes was coming out with a pretty, comfortable and supportive bra.


The Bra cup is conformable and highly supportive
The underwire doesn't dig in at all
The back and sides the bra don't make that unsightly budge
It looks perfect under tee shirts
Don't look like something the lunch lady would have worn


The bra runs a little big compared to others I have used.
Currently there is a limited color choice (more are coming in the fall)


It might be a great idea to check out this bra at Kohl’s since it comes in cup sizes B through DDD.  I love how versatile it is under my clothing and how it doesn't look like a reject from a 1970's movie.  Just don't order it online.  I would check this bra out personally.  I know I still have mine and am wondering if I can trade it in at Kohl’s for the correct size.  

I was able to change the bra in for the correct size.  It has quickly become my favorite bra.  I get the support of under wire, but I can't feel the under wire, the best of both worlds.  


  1. So what size worked.....I am also a DD

  2. So what size worked.....I am also a DD

  3. I moved down to a D and it worked just fine. At least for me.