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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tips on how to eat out safely!

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Check to see if they have a gluten free menu! At most places you can do this online.
When you sit down ask for the allergy menu and specify that it is an allergy.
If you still feel unsure that they will get your Order right ask to speak to the manager before you order.
When you order your meal make sure you specify that it is an allergy and have them write it down.

Double check your food before eating it.  I have been out and done everything above and still ended up with gluten someplace in my meal.  

If you do get into gluten don't be afraid to the manager.  The reason for this is so that they are more careful down the line.

Each of these tips will help to ensure that you don't get sick.  Always make sure to tell them that you have an allergy.  It doesn't matter how careful the restaurant claims to be, mistakes can always happen.  Not only that but if a mistake is going to happen, it is going to happen to me, mistakes occurring even at the most allergy friendly locations. Never be afraid to make your needs known to the staff. 
If you are going to a very fancy restaurant please make sure to call ahead and talk with the manager first.  Because they make what they are going to serve ahead of time in some cases you may not be able to eat there. 

If you are going to a fast food restaurant check to see what gluten free options are available online.  Also don’t be afraid to follow the rest of the steps. 

Your health should be your first priority. 

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