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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On-The-Go Accessory Pouch -Review-

The day the pouch arrived!

I hate when I have to only go out for a second and I have lug my phone purse with me.  Or when I am out and I take off my earrings or bracelet since they always end up on the bottom of my purse.  Sometimes I even find them later and wonder how they got into my purse.  Active Accessories has a way to stop this.  The On the go Accessory pouch is made of people who are constantly moving.  I found that it easily held cards, jewelry, a key or five and my cell phone.  It was much lighter and easier to grab then my whole purse when I was only running to the store for a small simple item.  

When it was raining this week I really found it useful to keep my stuff in when I was dashing through the rain.  This is the perfect accessory for women of most ages who are busy with work or who like to be outside a lot or who like to work out.  Of which I am none of those three.  I personally used it so that I didn't lose stuff and so that I could keep my phone dry.  It worked really well for those purposes.  

Down sides is that if you throw this in your purse you have to grab the stuff out of your purse and then open the pouch.  That was the only thing I could find wrong with it.  According to the Amazon page it has a lot of features. These four features are shamelessly stolen from said Amazon page.

·  Ripstop Nylon Exterior - Water resistant, light weight (2.4 ounces) and very durable
·  Polyester Interior - Strong yet soft fiber to cushion valuables
·  "Perfect" Size - Large enough to hold your smart phone, but small enough for your earrings
·  Ripstop Nylon Handle with Hook - Use the pouch as a clutch, attach your keys or clip it onto any bag
Holding my phone, some cards, a key, and some jewelry. 
Of these claims I found almost all of them to be true.  I could have used it a little bigger since I have an expansive key chain and like to keep it inside the clutch but I think that is more me and less everyone else.  This would also be a fantastic gift for someone who is constantly moving or losing items to the depths of the black hole women like to call a purse (wait I could have sworn I had that lamp in here somewhere). 

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  1. I love the looks of it, its cute. I couldn' see just carry it though. I am afraid I'd drop it.

    1. I ended up clipping it to myself and I didn't have to worry about dropping it. It also has a strap that can be used as a wrist strap.