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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5:01 Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review

When 5:01 Cosmetics was looking for reviewers I was more than willing to give the products a try.  However, First I had to find out what if anything they had to offer that was gluten free.  The only gluten free products that they make are the eye shadows.

I was able to test Mardi gras and Gold Bronze

Gold bronze is a shimmery neutral that can add to any look and the Mardi gras is a rich flat purple color that complements almost any skin tone and can be used with a variety of other shades. 

In the look I did I used both of the colors since the Gold Bronze is a darker color than the purple I used a purple base and the Gold Bronze as the accent.  I really liked the effect and the Gold Bronze had a really great shimmer to it without being over the top.

Another thing that I liked about this product was how well it went on my skin.  The colors glided on without any effort.  In fact it went on so easily that I had to adjust my style of putting eye shadow on.  I really enjoyed this look and it is perfect for day use (the picture) or a more bold style.  Best of all it is gluten free.

While 5:01 Cosmetics does carry a Variety of other makeup only the eye shadow is gluten free.  That means for people like me we are limited in what we can buy.  However, that is one fantastic brand where I know that what I am using will at no time make me sick. Also 5:01 Cosmetics offers products that are Talc, Paraben and cruelty free

To complete this look I used a thin close line with a black eye liner and black mascara that is it.  To be honest I should have darkened my brows for the picture yet I didn’t think to beforehand. So Since that was not done with makeup it was done with a photo editor.  Just being honest that the photo is edited by only the eyebrow color so that the eyebrows look like they exist.  

If you are interested in checking out   5:01 Cosmetics please visit 5:01 cosmetics

Question of the hour!

What are you looking for in an eye shadow?


  1. such fun! I love the purple!!

    I like a wide range of makeup. Give me anything and I'll try it. lol I love a good eyeliner though and rich purple eyeshadows.

  2. I love the way the Gold goes on! I love makeup like that, that has rich color and goes on easily.

    1. I know I loved the smooth application.