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Monday, February 25, 2013

Schick Hydro Razor - Review


I am a Bzz agent and this comes with some great perks.  Some of those perks include trying products for free.  Recently I was allowed to try the Schick Hydro Razor.  I replaced my Schick Quarto with the Hydro and a few weeks to see what I thought.

Plus sides:

I love the hydration; my skin stays soft longer and doesn't dry out as it does when I shave with my quarto.
Five blades means that a get a shave that is just that much closer than what I am used to.
Wider shaving area, this means that I am able to shave just a little bit faster.
Moisturizing Serum lasts longer than the normal strips that I am used to shaving with.
The Serum gives back moisture while shaving.
Water activated moisturizing serum lasts longer than ordinary strips

Down Sides

Five blades mean that deodorant is going to burn when used right after shaving.  Also I tend to cut myself just that much more often.  I may have 15 years of shaving experience but when I am not paying attention I will nick myself.  With this razor I have nicked myself a little more than normal.  I am not really sure if this is a down side or a word of caution.

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