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Saturday, February 9, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 9-

Days nine challenge is to put away the phone, turn off the TV, turn off the Tablet and any other electronic device.  You are going to spend at least three hours with your loved one with no distractions.  Go for a drive, play a game, Spend time relaxing and just talking, Cuddle and drink a hot beverage.

The way this shows that you love them is that you are willing to put them above the rest of the electronics that most of us are ever plugged into and daily distractions.  So many things can come between you and your loved one so often.  This is time with just the two of you.  The only thing that it requires is to completely unplug yourself.  (Unless you have an emergency you know about then ignore every other phone call.)

This is something my husband and I do for each other on a regular basis and it feels good knowing that you are more important than some stupid video game or Facebook conversation. 

This can be really hard if you are in a high pressure job, or you have a lot going on in your life.  In one of my prior jobs I always had my cell phone on me and accessible.  When I left the job it was really hard to break that habit.  I still almost always have my cell phone on me but now I don’t feel bad about ignoring a phone call or a text for a while if I need to.  

Question of the Hour!

When was the last time you turned everything off and just spent time.  

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