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Friday, February 8, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 8-

Today is another day where the challenge should cost you nothing. 

Today is to write down one of your fondest memories of your loved one.  For example one of mine is being at Flathead Lake with him.

After which I went fishing and he went upstairs to start dinner.  Since he doesn't cook very often I think this was great.  I actually caught a fish; I was so excited I checked the weight and the type of fish and learned that I had a lake trout and that I could keep it.  I brought up the fish very proud of myself.  There was only one issue.  Even after I removed the head from the body the fish head didn't want to die.  It kept moving for the entire time it took us to gut, scale, prepare and cook the fish.  We took it out to the big garbage before we ate the thing.  I couldn't eat the fish with the fish head still moving in the trash bag.

When you are done writing your memory or a few memories remove them (or print them out) and roll them up.  Find an old piece of ribbon and roll them up.  Tie them with the ribbon.  It will make a great gift and will make your loved one smile.  You might remember something that they had forgotten.  By reading the memory from your point of view it may give them a different outlook on what happened. 

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