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Sunday, February 10, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 10-

It is my Birthday Today!  So in honor of you all not really caring we are going to go on to today’s 14 days of romance challenge.  Today the key word is massage.  

Get out some massage oil (gluten free of course) and help your valentine melt.  This is going to be set up a lot like the bath, soft music and maybe low lighting.  Get some massage oil.  If you don't have any that is more than ok.  You can use Coconut oil or olive oil just as well and both are Gluten free.  

The key to a great massage is to 

  1. Create the right mood: Your Partner needs to be able to relax.

  1. Control the temperature: Make sure that you and your partner are not too hot or too cold.  If this is the case they will tense up.

  1. Privacy is important: Turn off electronic devices and make sure that you have some you time.  This will make sure you are not disturbed. 

  1. Prepare yourself
    Do this on a day or at a time when you are really up to it.  You want to give the most you can. This is really the key element.
Keep these in mind and give it your all.  You will end up with a great massage and a very relaxed and happy partner.   By doing the massage yourself you are saving money but you are also become more familiar with what your Valentine needs.  This can range from a sensual massage to a therapeutic massage. 

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