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Thursday, February 7, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 7 -

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Tonight it is your turn to cook (even if you normally do) you are going to make one of your loved ones favorite meals.  For instance my husband adores homemade pizza so that is what we are going to be eating tomorrow night.  It is not only that you took the time to cook but also that you thought about them.

 Even if you have a family try to make it a candle light dinner, use the candles from the bath.  Maybe have some soft music playing.  The big this is to turn off the lights and the electronics in the house off.  Nothing is going to interrupt your dinner with your valentine.  If possible put on a favorite outfit.  This dinner is all about showing them they are loved.  In most cases you can do this with what you already have in your house.

Every Item I am using for tomorrow night’s dinner I already have sitting around or I bought when I was grocery shopping.  It really didn't cost me anything different to plan this dinner.  I will be lighting candles, wearing a dress (yuck) and we will enjoy our time with the family. 

Gluten Free Pizza

Bob's Red Mill's Pizza Crust Mix $2.46
Gluten free Tomato sauce $1.50 (depending on brand)
Mozzarella $2.00 (some great sales on cheese right now)
Pizza Toppings $6.00 Depending on what you get.

Total is around $12.00 Makes enough for four people easy so around $3.00 a serving.  This makes about two medium pizzas.  You can half it if it is only the Two of you and save the rest for another time. 

Question of the Hour!
What is your favorite day so far?

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