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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 5-

For Day 5 we are going to be spending some money.  However, it should be under $5.00.  Today is flowers and candy.  However, we are not going for a large bouquet of 24 long stemmed red roses.  We are going for a single flower as well as a single candy bar.

A single flower can mean just as much as a whole bunch of flowers.  However, it doesn't cost as much.  First do you know their favorite flower? For me I love the lily, if you wanted to get me only one flower I would want a lily.  Making sure you try to get their favorite flower means that you really thought about them.  If you have no clue what their favorite flower is then stick with a carnation in their favorite color.  You can ask about their favorite flower in a getting to know you thing. 

Note: if they have allergies to flowers or pollen, pick up a one silk (fake) flower at a craft store.

Candy:  Since you can't get a heart shaped box of candy and they tend on the expensive side.  How about a single candy bar to go with the single flower, cliché I know but the classics work. 

Some Gluten free candy bars are:

Reeses peanut butter cup
Hershey bar (no crisp or cookie varieties)
Baby Ruth Bar
M&M's (plain, peanut)
Milky Way

They don't like Chocolate? no issue, the same list for the movie candies are gluten free.  This is the list I would shop for my husband off of. 

Dots (fruit flavor, tropical, crows)
Mike & Ike (Zours, Jelly beans, Hot Tamales)
Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews
Skittles (Crazy Cores, Fizzl’d Fruits, Original, Sour, Tropical, Wild Berry)
Starburst Fruit Chews (Jelly beans, FavREDs, Original, Summer Fun Fruits, Sweet/Sour, Tropical)
Starburst Gummi Bursts (Original, Flavor Duos, Sour)
Sunkist Fruit Gems
Swedish Fish
Sweet Tarts (Original, Shockers Chewy Candy, Tangy Candy Hearts)
Lifesavers (Assorted Sours, Gummies Island Fruit, Gummies Wild Berries, Wild Berries Sours)
Junior Mints and Junior Caramels
Sour Patch Kids
Starburst candy
Hot Tamales

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