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Monday, February 4, 2013

Eyeshadow Trend: Emerald

With Emerald being the Color of 2013 that means that other bright colors are going to be showing up.  It also means things like green eye shadow, nail polish, eye liner, clothing and accessories.Of course Every Product you use will be gluten free it is only healthy.  Green can look great as almost anything.   The eye shadow and eye liner are going to be where the biggest mistakes are made using this color.

Using Green eye shadow means being careful.  The key to this for a day look is using a light hand with the shadow and to know exactly how you want the shadow placed.  In this picture I have applied metallic green eyeliner, along with a subtle hand with the green eye shadow.  What this ended up doing is bringing out the green in my eyes without bringing attention to my makeup.  However, there are keys factors if you want to do the bright green eyes that are only now showing up in fashion magazines.

For a more dramatic green look, complete your eyes first, this will show you how much other makeup you can get away with.  Since the Green is so bright you might want to only work with neutral on your cheeks and lips.

True Redheads, this is your year to shine.  Use this trend to its best advantage.  For the rest of us, I have some advice.

Make sure any green you use matches your skin tone.  Try it on the inside of your wrist before you purchase it or apply it to your eyes.

The lighter your skin the darker the green looks, for fair skin try for a cat eye look or a light blended look such as the one I did.

For Yellow based skin, the gold will show up in almost any green you use.  Note this before you decide what shade you want to buy and use.  

For really dark skin try using a lighter shade of green such as lime or some yellow based greens.  This will show the best and bring out the color in your eyes.  

Green can be a fun color to work with and I foresee a lot of great products coming in this shade.  However, use it judiciously.  Other than that have fun and experiment with the color.  Just don't always wear your experiments out of the house.

Question of the hour!

What emerald trend are you going to adopt?
Example of a day look!

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