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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Redbox instant may not be the new Netflix

One thing I do is bzzagent.  I try products and share my opinion.  In this case I was allowed to review Redbox Instant by Verizon.  I know that it is still in Beta but I was not thrilled with what I saw.  They do have a good selection of movies however, most of them are older or so C rated that I have never heard of them.  Only a few good movies are currently available. 

When I was a child my parents owned a video store.  That means I am well versed in the older movies.  It would have been impossible for me not to be.  Also while I am sure that there are few diamonds in the rough available on the Redbox subscription beta there are not as many as I would like to see even in the older movies.

The upside to this service is that you also receive redbox rentals with it, meaning that you can get some of the newest movies as well.  That is something Netflix doesn't currently offer, at least not in the same way.  I understand why this service can be great in the future.  I like that it will be available on Verizon phones,(not my blackberry). The cost is comparative with that of Netflix and it offers the physical rentals that you can pick up in minutes.  I tried watching a few and I did get a great upload.  However, that may be because there is not a great call for the service yet.  It is easy to get amazingly smooth uploads when there is no other demand on the server.  Once this service goes live, that will be the test. 

Down side is the lack of movies I would wish to see.  Also they currently have no Anime or TV Show section.  Almost every movie is either old or titles that I have never heard of. If you are a fan of 80's or before horror movies this might be the service for you.  I am not saying that there are no recent or A rated movies.  Thor, Alpha and Omega, Captain America, and Transformers 3 are all available.  I am just saying that the selection is scarce for now. 

At this time I think I will stick with Netflix, it gives me more of what I am looking for in a subscription service.  However, I will keep an Eye on Redbox Instant to see how it develops over time. 

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