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Saturday, February 2, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 2-

Today’s idea is bubble baths (or showers if you don't have a bath.) Set the mood in the bathroom with some romantic music, a few candles and a warm bath filled with bubbles.  You might even include some wine if you have it handy. 

Not sure if you have a gluten free bubble bath?  Try using baby products like California baby, Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, 7th generation or baby genetics.  All of these are gluten free.  Some you can even pick up at the dollar store.  If you can't find one you like then use body wash into the water.  The bubbles don't last as long but you get the same effect. 

Music: try to pick his or her favorite artists and style.  This is not for you, but for them.  Have no idea what to get, Google most romantic songs and you can get a list of songs that will be perfect.  Or you can Google most relaxing music and try from that angle.  I bet you have a lot of the songs in your playlist already. 

Candles, so you don't have any scented candles?  Who said they need to be scented.  Just plain candles on plates or in glass jars will be perfect.  You are setting a mood and the bubble bath should already smell nice.  Still want to go the scented candle rout then head over to your nearest discount store or dollar store and find some scents that you know they will like.  You don't have to spend a lot you only need two or three candles. 

Here is the important part, if you have kids in the house that you can't foist on other parents or friends for a few hours take care of the kids and let your loved one have the bath.  If you can get the house to yourselves or you have no children then wash your loved one.  Clean their hair, shave their legs or face and wash them.  Make them feel loved and cared for. 

If you are not doing this for a spouse or a lover than the set up will be nice.  If you are doing this for a child pick fun music and make the bath into something they will enjoy.  The point of this is you took the special time for just them. 

Total cost if you don’t have bubble bath and candles are around $5.00 plus utilities, if you do have everything, then it is free plus utilities.   

Question of the hour!

When was the last time you gave your loved one a bath?

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