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Sunday, February 3, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 3-

I made it an easy day since most people in America are going to be watching the Superbowl and eating gluten free snacks.  Well at least that I what I will be doing.

The way to fill out today’s idea depends on each person.  If you have a printer then this will be easy, there are templates available for free online. If not than this might take more time since it will have to be crafted by hand.  However, it might mean more that way.

Love Coupons:  You can make these as dirty or as clean as you want.  They can be tailored to you and your relationship.  The love Coupons I use are things like good for 1 breakfast in bed, Good for one hug and 15 minutes of silence on a bad day, Good for one foot rub, or good for one romantic dinner.  Each of these ideas is up for grabs and can be used.

For Lovers: You can change these into sexual promises involving positions or favors.

For Children: these coupons can be changed into one free dessert, one help with homework, or one get out of punishment for 2 hours.

No matter how you do it or what you do your valentine will love the idea that they have something that they can use when they need it. Something like a full body massage or even a back rub could really come in handy. 

Some ideas for coupons are:
Back Massage
Foot Rub
Neck Massage
Scalp Massage
Full Body Massage
Free Manicure (or pedicure) by your partner.
Let's Have Alone Time (set a time limit)
Play time for one day
A Day at the Beach
One night off from everything
30 Minutes to do whatever they want.
No Chores tonight I will do them
Movie Night, they choose the movie
TV Off (one day where you don’t watch the TV)
You Control the Remote (watch the game or TV show of their choice - no complaining!)
One sweet of your choice (homemade of course)
Bath or hot tub hour
Get Out of Trouble Free
One Free Car Wash
One game of choice
Will do one chore (any one chore no complaining.)
One Kiss
One Cuddle
One tickle
One hug
One back scratch
One massage
One moonlit walk
One dance
One sunset
One night of stargazing  

Question of the hour!

What  type of love coupons are you going to be using?


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