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Monday, February 11, 2013

14 Days of Romance -Day 11-

Sorry for the late post, I spent all day in the ER.  

Today is simple and easy.  You are simply going to cuddle with your loved one and tell them 5 things that you love about them.  Telling them that you love them may be a day to day thing for you.  However, how often do you tell them why you love them?  What about them makes them so special to you?  In this challenge you only need to tell them five things, pick the five most important.

For example with my husband I am going to tell him

I love the way he gets me and my sense of humor

I love how he can be crazy and sweet at the same time.

I love how family comes first for him no matter what.

I love how he thinks about others first, it is an admirable trait that I don't share.

These are the five things I will be telling my husband.

Question of the hour!

What is one think you love about your valentine?

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