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Sunday, January 6, 2013

TruKid - Review

In my quest for replacement beauty products I was offered to try TruKid products made by Truvillage.  All of their products are Cruelty free, bpa and phthalate free, eco-friendly, biodegradable, paraben free, and gluten free. One of the other points that caught my attention is that Trukid is made in the USA.   My first thoughts were that this was formulated for children, how great will it work on an adult?  The answer was it works well.

I received two products to try,
 Trukid Happy Face & Body Lotion: The first thing I noticed was it had two top types; you can have a pump or the top like a shampoo bottle.  It can go with you or stay at home, whatever you need.  The second thing I noticed was the smell.  The first time I used it I smelled like fresh nectarines, strange since I didn't see any nectarine ingredients in the list.  The second time I used I smelled like Orange, and the third time it kind of smelled like lemon.  However, no matter what it smells like on you it smelled great.  It also worked really well on my skin, I used it after shaving and my skin was soft without feeling greasy.  Something I very much enjoyed.  I could tell when I used it and when I didn't use it.  It made a large difference in how my skin felt.  I will confess I never used it as a face lotion. 

Hero Stick: This is said to provide relief from dry skin, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and other skin irritations.  Being an adult I didn't have many chances to use it.  That is until I was shaving my legs and my husband opened the bathroom door, instant cold rush and goose pimples.  Yep you guessed it I ended up with a bad case of razor burn for the patch I was shaving.  What I did to test this is on half of the razor burn patch I used Neosporin plus pain relief, on the other half I used the Hero Stick.  While neither took the pain away on contact, they both worked quickly.  Not only that they lasted equally well.  If I can have some of the same pain reliving powers for minor skin irritation without as much garbage then I am sold.  I have no idea how well this stick works for anti-bacterial purposes but it certainly worked for my very irritated skin.

The Good:
I love how eco friendly this company is as well as how it manages to remove almost every item of concern I have in body products.  If you can have the same effect with a lot less chemicals why wouldn't you. The lotion and the Hero Stick worked as well as the company said they would. 

If you have extremely sensitive skin this may work well for you.  My husband has skin that is irritated by just about everything.  He used this product of his own volition and was surprised when he did not get a rash or a break out in that location.  A few days of use later he was still reaction free. 

The Indifferent:
The scent while pleasant changed on me.  This could be a positive since you won't always smell the same, or it could just be my unique PH balance.

The bad:
The only bad thing I can find is that you have to keep the Hero Stick away from children.  If your child eats the product then you must contact poison control right away.  This is the same with any topical skin product.

For more information please visit www.trukid.com , https://twitter.com/TruKid, or TruKid Facebook

Question of the day!

What are you looking for in a body product?


  1. Oh that Hero Stick sounds like something great to keep on hand for my kids' endless boo boos! I love that the Tru Kid lotion worked well on sensitive skin. My daughter has some skin issues and we have trouble finding lotions that really work without irritating her. Great review!

  2. Thank you for the honest review. I have been searching for a hair product without all the chemicals for use on the kids. My oldest son has allergies to almost everything and it has been a chore to find anything that doesn't cause him to break out or have a reaction. This is one product I hadn't heard of; off to purchase now!

  3. I love TruKid products. I was introduced to them through a blog, and won a giveaway. I loved the products I received, and the scents weren't to bad either. :) Great review!

  4. I'd love a lotion that changes scents on me! (As long as all scents are pleasant....lol) TruKid is great!

  5. It sounds great to me. I love when products work as they say they do. I also love the idea of a product that smells like something so fresh like oranges.

  6. That sounds so cool that it changes scents and I love that it doesn't have nasty chemicals.