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Monday, January 7, 2013

Music for Energy!

What most people don't know about me is that I am currently going back to school. At my first University I focused in music, to be specific Vocal performance with an Opera Option.  Yep I am a trained Opera singer, papers and everything, I have never used what I have learned and spent so much money on, except for a youtube account that I rarely update.  That experience has given me a finer appreciation of music.  It also leads me to a specific problem.  I don't have a favorite song. That leads us to today’s NaBloPoMo "What is your favorite song that gives you energy?"

For me my musical energy can vary depending on my mood, the day, and what I am doing.  If I am working on school work, blogging, cleaning, ECT...

For School work I tend to stay with Celtic or classical music.  One of my favorite songs for this is The Mountains of Mourne written by Percy French.  I love the Celtic Thunder version, for me it is the training of the singers I can't abide people who use auto tune to obtain talent. 

When I am blogging I tend to use music to focus.  My Favorite is the Moonlight Sonata done by Study Music, they alter the alpha and beta waves to help you concentrate. 

When I am cleaning I move to Panic at the Disco, and other Semi modern music.  I won’t lie some of which is Toy Box or Aqua, my mix is large and varied, I also include Owl City in some of what I listen to.  I am looking for a motivating beat

When I work out I have further music choices.  Each one of these gives me energy; I love music in so many forms.  The only issue I have is that I cannot abide by fake Idols.  Most people know exactly what groups and singers I am talking about.  So this answer is never simple, I have no favorite song, no one song that I can go do and get what I need.  It always changes. 

Question of the day!

Do you have a favorite song or band?


  1. I really like that last song too! I'd never heard of the other ones before.

  2. When I'm writing, I tend to use a lot of electronica in my mix. I find that it just lets the thoughts flow better. I might try that version of Moonlight Sonata though to see how that works.

  3. Opera! That is awesome! I love opera, it is so beautiful!