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Friday, January 4, 2013

The night life is for me!

The NaBloPoMo Question of the day is "At what time of the day do you feel most energetic and productive.

The answer to this is in the evening or at night.  I am very much of a night person.  I never feel as alive as when it is just starting to get dark.  I have never been able to abide by the morning even when I was a child.  My parents never had to worry about me waking up early.  Christmas morning, yep can that start at noon.

This urge did not get better after I went gluten free.  I kept hoping that soon I would be a morning person and I can be productive during the day like a normal person.  I am still waiting for this to happen.  Since I am in school I have to keep a schedule.  However, that doesn’t' mean that I go to bed at a decent time.  I also don't have to wake up before Nine Am and that is perfectly fine with me.

To tell the truth any time there is a blog post that shows up between Five AM and 11 AM it was auto posted.  Even if I do manage to make it to the computer during those hours I am doing as little as possible.  Anything I posted would be garbage anyway.

The simple and short answer to this question is I am a night person and that is when I am most Energetic and productive.  Now if I can only get the rest of the world to understand this. In fact I don't like the Summer or Spring, the best seasons for me are Fall and Winter, I guess I am completely backwards.  

Question of the day!

When are you your best and brightest?


  1. I used to be a night person too, going to bed no earlier than 4 am, but since I knew that we were moving I have been training myself to get up at 4:40, so no more late nights for me:( i love the winter, the days are longer and it isn't so hot outside, I'm a cold person by nature and need it to be at or below 60* to even function!

  2. YAYAYAYAY! Finally! Another night owl!!


  3. I'm trying to get out of the "night owl" habit since I have clients that need me to work early in the morning but its not exactly working as its after 1 am and here I am still up..given its the weekend but still up! lol..I have been going to sleep about 3-4 and getting up at 6-7 kinda sucks sometimes! I was ready to go to bed on time earlier but ended up taking a nap while watching a football game so that messed me all up even though it was a very short cat nap. Great post :)

  4. I'm a morning girl, myself. Which isn't a good thing because sometimes I stay up way too late, making it hard to get up early and enjoy the quite time.