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Friday, January 18, 2013

Super Hero Names? Maybe

If I were to be a super hero my hero name would be Bloodroot.  This is based on the lovely plant with the red roots.  It also is toxic to humans and animals.  This is an easy choice for me since I have been playing online games for a while and it is one of my handles. 

If I couldn't use that name I would Choose Amaryllis.  Another plant based name, and it is a red and white flower, lavender and white or pink and white blossoms.  However, don't let this plant fool you as lovely as it is part of the belladonna family meaning it is toxic. 

The reason for those names is, even though I can be very pretty, nice, sweet, and generous.  I strongly wouldn't suggest messing with me because I can have a toxic center.  I have known this for a while. I have an evil side, and will protect those I love in imaginative ways.  I will give friends only so many chances before I figure that they are probably not good for me.  I almost have a legendary ability to hold on to grudges. 

Why does this sound like I am more a super villain than a super hero.  Well that just might be the case, I wonder what will happen if I ever get those powers.   I bet most of you are hoping that I don't get bitten by a radioactive spider to fall into a biohazard lake anytime soon.  All I can say about that is "we shall see."

NaBloPoMo Prompt of the day: What would be your superhero name and why?

Question of the hour!
What would your hero (villain) name be?

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