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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gluten free Cold medications

I recently had to go to the doctor for shoulder pain and a sinus infection.  This normally would have been no issue since the doctors are well aware of my issues and try to get me into a room and away from the other patents (due to my IGA-D) however, in this case the nice lady up front forgot to check me in.  I waited over 50 minutes and 20 minutes past my appointment before I went to the front desk to ask what is going on.  I was taken back and put into a room.  The appointment went fine; I tore some of the muscles in my shoulder and did indeed have a sinus infection.
So then to the pharmacy, when I got called back I was told that they didn't have any Doxycycline, So then to the next pharmacy.  I spent time enough to drop off the prescription and check in.  I came back forty five minutes later only to find that they didn't fill the prescription and I would have to wait since they closed out my check in and couldn't find me again.  I ended up spending about 15 minutes trying to talk them into hurrying up.  Thanks to CVS and a mistake at the front desk I now have a nasty cold on top of everything else.  While I will be blogging this week please note that I am well drugged up and so I may have to edit later. 

The only good news is that I have discovered that
Robitussin Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels
Flexeril (name brand)

Is all gluten free.  It took the doctor some time to get the right medications so that I didn't end up with a reaction.  Doing this I then took time to look up gluten free cold/cough/allergy medications.  I hope this list helps others during this not so fun part of the year.

Alavert (all forms)
Allegra D
Benadryl-all products
Benzonatate (Pleva)
Chlortrimeton 4 mg tabs
Chlortrimeton 8mg and 12 mg extend tabs
Chlortrimeton liquid
Clarinex D
Clarinex Reditabs-company does not know source of starch
Claritin D
Claritin D-24
Claritin liquid
Codiclear DH (sugar and dye free)
Comtrex (tabs/caplets/liquid)
Comtrex Deep Chest Cold
Comtrex Non Drowsy
Deconamine caps
Deconamine SR
Dimetane tabs-contains gluten
Dimetapp elixir
Dimetapp tabs-contain gluten
Durahist D caplets
Duraphen 100 caplets
Duraphen DM
Duraphen Forte
DuraTan DM susp
DuraTan Forte susp
Entex LA
Entuss D
Eudal SR
Extendryl syrup, JR and SR caps
Fenofexadine (Teva)
Guaifenesin LA 600 mg (URL/Mutual)
Mucinex (all forms)
Mytussin AC
Mytussin DAC
Naldecon (tabs/syrup)
Naldecon DX Children’s syrup
Naldecon DX ped drops-may contain gluten
Naldecon generic (Rugby)
Nucofed (all forms)
Phenergan w/ Codeine syrup
Phen-Guai 25/900 (Prasco)
Promethazine w. Codeine Syrup (Hi-Tech Pharmacal)
Robitussin Cold & Congestion Caplet
Robitussin Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels
Robitussin Cold Severe Congestion liqui-gels
Robitussin Cold, Cough & Flu Liqui-Gels
Robitussin line
Robitussin Multi Symptom Cold & Flu Caplets
Robitussin Night Time liqui-gels
Ryna C
Ryna D
Safetussin 30
Scot-Tussin DM
Seldane D
Sudafed Cold & Sinus Liquid Caps
Sudafed Plus
Tavist D
TheraFlu Cough and Cold
Triaminic AM
Tuss DM
Tussin 30
Tylenol allergy sinus caplets, maximum strength
Tylenol cold multi-symptom plus cough chewable tab
Zyrtec (tabs & liquid)
Zyrtec D   


  1. Very interesting. Gluten-Free is something that I've never looked into since my family isn't affected by it, But, I'm hearing about it more and more, especially since I work at an elementary school.

  2. Wow... my family isn't gluten-free so it's not something I really ever research, but still good to know!

  3. Wow I wouldn't even thought about my medicine when it comes to gluten free diet. Interesting little fact and love that you listed all that you found are for gluten free people!

  4. I feel your pain on the cold front. Literally! I'm just glad you found some meds that work for you.

  5. I feel your pain on the cold front. Literally! I'm just glad you found some meds that work for you.

  6. Thanks for the research! Never thought about cold medicine or other medicines.

    julie@ Naptime Review

  7. This is a VERY handy article!! TY so much for the great info and research!

  8. This is great information! I never would have thought to look for gluten in cold meds. Thanks for sharing your finds! :)

  9. you have nyquil listed as gluten free. we have the NIMA machine and tested both the liquid and the gel caps...both tested positive for gluten :( back to the store to find a gluten free cold medicine for our son :( just an fyi

    1. I apologize for the incorrect information. This post is old and more than a few ingredient shifts by some of the companies have been made. Thank you for letting people know.