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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Intense Grow Hair Vitamin- Introduction

One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to help grow my hair longer.  I would love to have it down to my hips.  Since I know I have a breaking point and I haven't found the shampoo that will help me, I was really excited when an opportunity for a 60 day trial of Intense Grow was offered to me. 
This item is gluten free which is a must for me. It seems to be only vitamin and minerals aimed at the production of keratin, also used in hair and nails. 

Here is what the company had to say about themselves.
“If you want to make your hair grow longer faster, the ingredients in Intense Grow™ vitamins will make your hair grow faster! Your body will get that extra boost of nutrition to optimize your hair growth speed; stimulating your hair to its maximum growth potential!”

This is done by maximizing the necessary vitamins and using herbs to stimulate the growth.  According to a few nutritionists, hair vitamins can work, but they have to be used with a healthy diet and schedule.  Since hair is an extension of the skin and body it should be treated as such.  And while most visible hair is in fact dead, it is the live hair or the first few millimeters that you are really nourishing.  The chore for the rest of the hair is to take good care of what you have.  Since hair cannot repair its self, you have to make sure it does not get damaged.  No hair vitamin can help you with that, but what it can do is help the hair grow thicker and a thicker strand may be less easily damaged.

 A side benefit that many may see from a product like this is that it will also help stimulate nail growth as well as hair growth.  The reason for this is that hair and nails are made of the same materials.  So if you have ever felt jealous that a guy you know has better hair and nails than you, it is probably that his nutritional balance is better.  That balance can be aided by these vitamins. 

So the trick to this formula is to balance out nutrition to the point where it is easier for your hair to grow.  My hair is my pride and joy; it is mid back, slightly wavy, naturally strawberry blonde (sometimes more strawberry, sometimes more blonde).  The down side to this however is that the hair is thin and in fact it tends to break a lot and doesn't grow very fast.  Each member of my household can grow hair twice as fast as I can.  To be honest I am envious of that ability.  However, they are all brunettes so it should be expected.
 I need 5 inches to make my hair goal; if I can get at least 2 or 3 inches I will be very happy with this product.  Wish me luck!

For more product information please visit Intense Grow

Question of the day!

What is your biggest hair issue?


  1. I need to grow my hair out more as I'm a bridesmaid this year and want my hair long enough for a great hairdo! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good luck! I hope it works bc my hair doesn't grow past a certain length either

  3. Good luck hope it works for you. my hair grows so fast even with dying my hair.

  4. Good luck !!! Thanks for the post :)
    Melissa P - V