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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sometimes Reality can be Draining

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NaBloPoMo Question of the day “Which Daily Tasks take up most of your energy?"

For me this answer is easy, my school work takes up most of my daily energy.  Not only in learning my subject but also in the subject matter.  I am currently taking a course in Family violence.  How family members can hurt each other and do so on a daily basis.  The reality of this situation is draining for me.  I end up emotionally invested in some of these scenarios. Then I end up asking myself "how could this happen?" This leads me to my Psychology minor where I truly reason out what they may have been feeling and thinking.  That train of thought can lead to depression and a giant lack of energy towards anything.

Other items I find draining are TV shows like Springer, and Maury, I don't watch them in my home but they seem to be shown in a lot of public places.  Even 10 minutes of this and my energy is waning and my intelligence quotient numbers start dropping.  These are the same type of people that I read about in my text books and it makes me irate with the human race in general (not individuals).

When people don't understand what Gluten free is and refuse to learn.  I have been to restaurants where they have an extensive gluten free menu.  I was informed at one point that they also proudly served only gluten free vodkas.  It quickly became evident that even with a vast gluten free menu our server had no idea what that meant.  Also when I started to talk to her about it, she showed that really didn't care.

The last major daily drain on my energy is using my willpower.  There are so many fantastic foods out there and so few of them are gluten free.  While I am getting great at making Gluten free versions of my favorite foods, the issue is that they are imitations.  There is nothing that can truly replace wheat, barley and rye.  It can be hard on me to not allow myself to be tempted.  Even knowing that I will be sick for days that there are longer lasting consequences I am tempted to eat some of those very yummy looking items.

Question of the day!

What drains your energy?


  1. Those talk shows do take a lot of energy. I get so stressed out watching them.


  2. I stopped watching talk shows when I was 20, I found them to be silly and couldn't believe how people would act on national tv. My biggest energy drain is housework, but I hope to be able to cut down somewhat once we are in a bigger place!

  3. Haha, I love Maury. It's a total guilty pleasure. Of course, I'm always sure I'm going to see someone I know.

  4. Haha, I love Maury. It's a total guilty pleasure. Of course, I'm always sure I'm going to see someone I know.

  5. I love when people talk about things and pretend to care but really don't care at all. I can see how that's draining. I would probably be drained too!

  6. I stopped watching talk shows, too. I found them to be very stressful! One talk show that I did enjoy was Oprah, her guests were often interesting and could add some type of value to my life.

  7. My 5 yr old is one of my biggest (but best) energy drains lol