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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dyed Agate Nails-Manicure Monday!

I attempted to do the watercolor look on my nails and ended up with a white that didn't work well and peeled off.  So instead of the white base I used a sheer nude, it changed the look to more of a dyed agate look.

Step one Put on a neutral base.  I used sheer nude.  I used two even coats so that I had a good base for my color.

What you need

4 nail colors a base coat and a top coat
A sandwich bag

Allow to dry

Step two: One nail at a time!  Put one drop of the colors you want.  I used glittering purple, forest green, white, and pink.

Once you have the dots of color in place put your wet nail inside the plastic bag and roll the colors on the plastic.  This mixes them and gives the dyed look.

Once you have finished all your nails allow to dry completely.
Step three:

Top your nails with a thick top coat so that the colors stay glossy and the nails feel smooth. 

Question of the Hour!

What colors would you choose?


  1. Very pretty! Reminds me of the inside of a geode with those gorgeous colors. I'd probably choose the same ones!