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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Cheaper Way to Apply Hair Chalk!

A perfect color pallet, and only around $8.00 for all the colors.

Want to join in the new way to add temporary color to your hair; don’t want to pay the stupid prices for hair chalk?  You can get the same look using pastel chalk (NOT the oils). Most of these products are Gluten free.  They are simply made that way!

What you will need:


Pastel chalk
Water (spray bottle or use the sink.)
Any styling tool you wish! 

If you have dark hair you are going to want to wet the pieces you want to color, if you have light hair then you don’t have to wet the hair if you want a softer look.  If you want a vibrant look you still have to wet down the areas of your hair that you want to color. You don't need to soak the hair just get it wet. (use gloves before playing with the chalk, it can get really messy).

Take the color of chalk color you want and run it all over the wet piece of hair. Get as much color as you can on the strands.  (If you want to use many colors, just switch chalk pieces when you get to the hair you want, you don't even have to switch gloves.)  

Key! Do not brush your hair after the chalk has been applied,  brushing your hair will remove part or all of the chalk color.  It also can make one heck of a mess.

Allow your hair to dry naturally!

Feel free to style with heat; use a curling iron or a flat iron on dry hair.  Please be careful not to overcook your hair, no one likes split ends.  Do not use any styling products after the application of chalk, it can take away the color it can also make a mess.  The chalk should help hold the hair in shape. 

Your color is good to go unless it rains.  Also if you are doing this you should either have short hair or use dark clothing since the chalk can stain.  Remove the color before you go to sleep unless you like pillow art. 

Another way to apply this product is mix the chalk you want with a gel, or wax and apply it that way.  However, this will give you a much stiffer style. 

Question of the hour!

What color would you choose to experiment with?

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