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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conserving Energy

We conserve energy in mostly normal ways here at my house, simple ways that almost everyone should do.

Turn the light off when you leave the room

Unplug appliances that are not in use

Use the cold water for laundry and use the dryer on energy preferred.

Keep the heat and the AC down.  Heat is 68 and the AC set to 78.  This keeps the heating and cooling costs down.

We try not to take showers past 5 minutes, however, my husband and I will share a shower if at all possible.  Conserving water and everything like that.

We carpool if we can.  The only time that we can't carpool is when my husband is going to the base.

One fun way though is that when I take a bath I light candles instead of leaving the lights on.  I will be in there for hours and don't see the point in wasting the electricity to keep the bathroom lit.  However, it creates a nice relaxing environment.

Since I no longer work on my phone all the time I have started only charging it when it needs to be charged instead of charging it every night while I am sleeping.  While this can lead to low battery warnings, I am not wasting power charging a phone all night every night.

When we lived in the house we own I we had all energy star or better appliances.  However, since we live in an apartment now we don't get that option.  I don't think that the fridge is newer than the 1970's.  It sucks up a lot of power.  Nothing we can do about that one but try not to leave the door open for any more than 10 seconds.

We make our own ice cubes instead of letting a machine do it.  (Not that we have an ice maker anyway)

Twice a week, the only light on in the house will be the dining room light.  That is when we play family card games or try to talk at the table about what is going on in our lives and how we are handling it.

We have moved back from a self cleaning cat box to a normal cat box.

As for the most creative way we save energy that would be a tossup between no electricity bath time, and our family nights.  That brings me to today's NaBloPoMo prompt. "What is the most creative way you conserve energy in your home?"
Question of the hour!

How do you conserve energy?

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