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Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Play in the Dark

When the power goes out and we don't have electronics to play with the first thing we do is go on a scavenger hunt.  One person finds the flashlights, another finds the batteries, a third, finds the candles and the last makes sure where everyone is so we don't bump into each other.
After the scavenger hunt we will normally do things like play card games, tell stories or make enemies for a week by playing board games.  Unless it is late at night, then we set our phones for an alarm and go to bed.  No point in trying to stay up and wait for the power.  We just unplug everything in case the power surges and go to bed.

However, if it happens before bed and while it is still dark then we will all pick what we want to do and play rock, paper, scissors to decide who wins, last power outage we played Rummy.  It was a lot of fun and ended well unlike our monopoly night.  That games ruins families, we fight more over that game than almost anything else in the world.  However, we turn those nights into a family night.  In fact since it is snowing and this weather is "strange" for this area (it only happens once a year or so).  We will probably have a power outage tonight.  Oh well I can't see the harm as long as I get my homework done. 

Question of the hour!

What do you do when the power goes out?


  1. we love family games during no electricity nights. Sounds like ya'll had a lot of good memories from this last time. :) Mine like Scrabble.

  2. We love to play games when the power goes out too. Monopoly is out fave.