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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Energy for the Modern Age

Energy is the topic of the month and you can't talk about energy without wondering what is going to happen when we have used up all the fossil fuels?  Will we move to biofuels? Will our heat come from hydroelectric or wind mills, how about solar power?  All of these are great ideas and while I think cars may be moving to hydrogen engines or electric power, which will lessen the strain on our resources.

 I think that we need to be focusing on harnessing Geothermal, Dark Energy, and/or Kinetic energy.

Geo Thermal: No I am not talking about drilling down and destroying areas.  I am talking about the geothermal that is available on the surface.  We have tons of energy just sitting in places like Yellowstone Park, or Hawaii or even Tibet and Greenland.  All we need to do is to harness it.  Heat can already be turned into usable electricity I don't see why we can't use what we already have available to us, we would use that power source much the same way we use coal now.

Dark Energy: So much of the universe is made up of Dark Energy and Dark matter.  Much more than we originally thought (we are still learning), with the amazing powers of technology at CERN one would think that we could find a way to harness that energy.  Dark energy is what we currently think is powering most of the universe as we know it.  If it can power a universe you can bet that it can power one little planet.

Kinetic Energy: We can't do anything about the massive amount of people currently on earth but we might be able to harness them.  For example children never stay still why not put batteries in their shoes then plug in those batteries to the car of the house when you get home, or about your own shoes.  It would also be a great incentive for people to get up and get moving. 

With So many possible fuel sources one has to wonder why we haven't started moving on from fossil fuels already.

Question of the hour!

What type of energy would you like to see?

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