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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Good Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

It took me forever, but I have finally found a good gluten free Mac and cheese.  I have tried many of the varieties, I found myself underwhelmed by almost all of them (Annie’s, Glutino, ECT.)  However, I found the one good version in the last place I expected.  The one good version of box Mac and cheese that I have found is Trader Joe's brand.  Yep really, Trader Joe's managed to make a great Mac and Cheese.  If you are comparing it to craft it is a little less sweet then the Kraft brand.  However, it is the best version I have found and the noodles feel right.  All of you who have been gluten free know what I am talking about.  Most of the time the noodles have the wrong texture and it doesn't matter what you do to them.  These noodles are pretty close.  My gluten eating family really likes it and that is the best testimonial I can give to this product.

Truth be told the packaging is nothing to invite it being picked up.  However, give it a shot it really is worth it.  Not only that, but it is about half the price of other gluten free Mac and cheese.  Saving money and being one of the best boxed Gluten free Mac and cheese means that it is well worth at least a trial.  So if you happen to have a Trader Joe's near you give it a shot. 

I used the Trader Joe's Mac and cheese and added Tuna and green beans to make dinner.  Total cost for four people? Under $10.00 total, $4.00 for two boxes of Mac and Cheese, $2.00 for two cans of tuna and $2.00 for two bags of frozen green beans and less than $0.50 for the milk.  Yep that was it.  It was really good and gone before anyone could think about leftovers.  

Question of the hour!

How would you make this Mac and Cheese into dinner?


  1. This looks yummy! Plus it is so inexpensive! I was worried gluten-free noodles would not taste very good, but I have been pleasantly surprised!

  2. I have never tried their gluten free mac but definitley like their traditional version I make a tuna casserole similiar to this to

  3. I will have to look for this! Thanks for sharing!

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