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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Energy and Persistence

NaBloPoMo Prompt of the day is "Benjamin Franklin said "Energy and persistence conquer all things." Do you agree or disagree?"  

No offense to Mr. Franklin, however, with this I have to disagree I have learned that something cannot be conquered with energy and persistence alone.  In today's society you need to have money as well to make your dreams come true.  My husband and I dream of having a child.  However, without $7000.00+ that
dream is not currently going to come true.  We have put a lot of energy and persistence into this dream and have nothing to show for it as of yet.  So while energy and persistence are needed.  I don't think they are the only things that matter in all things.  However, there are plenty of things where energy and persistence can make all the difference.  In School it can help you do better, in your marriage it may hold it together, friendship cannot exist without energy and persistence on both sides.  So many of the great things in life require both of these traits, I only wish that everything else did as well.

One example of energy and persistence paying off would be trying to make friends whenever I move.  I sometimes have to work hard to find the right ones.  We have moved a lot with the military and each time I have to start anew.  I also have a slight fear of driving that gets worse when I am someplace I don’t know.  I make up my mind that I will have at least two friends in that new place.  I manage to do so every time.  Also I have I currently have friends all over the world thanks to this way of thinking. 

Question of the hour!

Tell me about a time energy and persistence paid off for you.

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