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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Nail Idea

Around Halloween I was lamenting in the fact that I couldn't find a silver or gold crackle top.  While I was doing the last of my Christmas shopping I found both gold and silver crackles.  This is what gave me the idea for amazing New Year nails. 

Start with a sheer or neutral nail polish.  I had a little iridescence to mine because I like the look. 

Allow that to dry completely.

Without a tip guide put the crackle just on the ends.  Use only one layer and put it on slightly thick. 

Again allow that to dry.

Then put on a thick clear coat to add some fantastic shine and make the polish look wet.  

End result is that your nails look like they were dipped in silver or gold. The lack of a guide makes it looked more like it really is dipped.

I did a gold accent nail just to show the colors.