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Friday, December 28, 2012

Emmi Cheese - Review -

 I have a huge soft spot for cheese as can be seen in my Lactose Intolerance and Me.  So when I was offered to work with a Emmi, company that does artisan cheeses you can bet I said yes.  Also I had some high expectations from the product. Those expectations were not only met, they were exceeded.

The product arrived one week ago exactly I received about four packages of cheese, 2 of Gruyere and 2 of Emmentaler (Swiss).  And I knew exactly what I was going to do for an appetizer for Christmas day.

One of the amazing things about hard cheese is that it is naturally gluten free, but most people don't realize that it is also Lactose free.  I took two of the blocks and cubed them adding on gluten free (sodium nitrite/nitrate free) meats, Pears, and apples, and I had an amazing tray to serve my family and my guests, one that I could eat without having to worry about getting sick.  My husband made the comment that this type of cheese can be dressed up or down and it still made a fantastic cheese. 

This idea will work fantastically for a New Year’s party since these cheeses are naturally mostly allergen free.  (Sorry for those with a milk allergy) I personally cubed mine; however, you can also slice it.

These cheeses would be perfect for a cheese and wine tasting, they can also be used to add some Class to a party or get together. 

The Le Gruyere cheese had a tangy nutty flavor with a smooth finish, perfect for an open faced sandwich or with a great wine.

The Emmentaler is a sharper Swiss with a dryer texture, fantastic for shredding or mixing with smoky meats. This would also make an outstanding Fondue. 

For a meal idea, I can't wait to mix ham (Sodium Nitrite/nitrate and gluten free) some gluten free mock rye bread, rich stone ground mustard and add a slice of the Emmentaler cheese.  Just a little toasting and it will be perfection.

About Emmi Roth USA, Inc.

Emmi Roth USA, a subsidiary of Emmi Group, is a leading provider of specialty and artisan cheeses and premium fresh dairy products. Their expansive portfolio includes award-winning cheeses from Switzerland, Europe, and the United States, each crafted with pride from the freshest local milk. Key cheese brands include Kaltbach cave-aged, Grand Cru® and Buttermilk Blue®. Emmi Roth USA also features specialty dairy products, including Swiss Premium Yogurts. For more information about Emmi Roth USA, please visit Emmi Cheese

Question of the day:

What is your favorite cheese, and how do you serve it?


  1. new brand to me! Sounds yummy! thank you!!

  2. never heard of the brand, ill have to try some. I love cheese :D

  3. my husband loves cheese. This type looks pretty good

  4. Right now I'm enjoying mozzarella. I'm trying to lose weight by going low carb and I put it in my scrambled eggs and I have a sausage stew I enjoy and I sprinkle it over that. Very tasty.

  5. thanks for the info on a new brand of cheese... have to check it out