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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gluten Free or No Gluten Added

It can get confusing when looking at products and they have GF (Gluten Free) or NGA (No Gluten Added) labeling.  There are differences between the two.  No Gluten Added can still contain gluten even when nothing containing gluten was added to the item.

Gluten Free:

This means that there is less gluten in the item than around 20 parts per million.  However, this is not regulated.  An item can more or less gluten than that since there are no FDA regulations on this.  However, it means that it is safe for those with celiac or gluten sensitivities to consume.  This is also called "free of gluten" "without Gluten" or "no gluten". Since this is not completely regulated yet and the gluten free label is voluntary there are many gluten free items that are not currently labeled as such.  This will hopefully be changed in the next few years. 

No Gluten added

This means that no ingredients containing gluten were purposely added to the item.  However, that does not mean that it has not been cross contaminated in some form.  When something is labeled no gluten added it usually means it may not contain gluten but it is processed or made in a place that does use gluten containing ingredients.  This type of food is not recommended for those with a Gluten sensitivity/intolerance or celiac patients. 


Domino's pizza came out with a "gluten free pizza" however, it is not safe to be eaten by those with celiacs.  The reason for this is that it is a No gluten added product.  While everything in the pizza has no gluten it was made at the same stations that use gluten containing products such as wheat flour.  I have tried and gotten sick off of the Domino's pizza personally and I do not recommend it to anyone who has any type of gluten sensitivity.

However, I will eat at Uno's Chicago grill.  They have a "gluten free" pizza that really is.  There is a gluten free section to the kitchen and every employee is trained in how to handle gluten free items.  (Or so the manager said)  So the gluten free pizza stays gluten free.  This however can still be cross contaminated if someone is not sure what they are doing. 

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